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Hermosa Honeydew is on a quest for a wish to get her true love. To do so she has to shoot 114 people with her love gun. But before she could shoot the last 14 people there was one small detail not told to her. She had to share the wish with a boy she doesn’t know. Will she fall for him before she gets her wish or will some thing much grater come from the one wish. --------------------------------------------- Reads right to left.

August 19th, 2011, 1:22 am

A re-start?

Okay everyone, I been thinking about it today and it's been making a lot of since to me. I should just start over with 1Wish Roses, mind you it will be different then this version yet the same......Why do I want to start over? As if you didn't know, the quality of this manga is just so blah. x_x Not only that, but the start of the story confused a lot of people. Till this day I am so upset with it. ;____; The story will be the same with the same characters, just at a faster pace hopefully. On another note I will be still printing and selling vol. 1 of 1Wish Roses. I'm hopping to have it out by Thanks Giving if not sooner. It will be this version of the story though with a one-shot Muffins F.T.W and 10 pages of a sneak peak of the new 1Wish Roses!

You know what also brought this up about making a new version? EVERY time I get close to finishing up this chapter IT GETS DELETED!I had a good amount of page more then half way done and I had to delete them cause my computer stopped working. x_____x This has happened 3times with in this year!fffffffffffff I'll see how this goes. u__u Who knows I might have the pages saved....I'll see.... but for now... Maybe I shouldn't work on them? D: I'm still on the fence about restarting this thing up. What do you think? (and for the record, I'm leaving this version up. xD; )

November 24th, 2010, 5:50 pm

As if things couldn't be bleaker

My laptop is not booting up... so it's not working at all...... The internet at my house is about to be turned off.... u_u So..... in short. Updates are going to be at a stand still until uh.... I get a "real" job. -___- ....Ghe! I miss you all already! ;-; *hugs everyone*

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